The Resource Page in its former glory.

The Jim Jarmusch Resource Page came about in 1999, as I was preparing a paper on the work of Jim Jarmusch for a film studies class, and I needed easy access to a bibliographic list of artices I was trying to chase down in various libraries. It quickly also grew into an online bookmark collection, and soon enough the whole thing snowballed into becoming the main online Jim Jarmusch reference guide, and with it the aim of collecting just about everything about Jarmusch that could be found on the web. 

Of course, this was in the days of 2.000 hits for "Jarmusch" on Altavista. Today, almost ten years later, Google will give come up with roughly two million... Also, at the time there were no books about Jarmusch available in English, so the site came to serve the double purpose of filling up that information void, by offering a filmography, a biography, and by collecting references and links to, and sometimes "republishing", some of the best reading material available in film magazines, journals etc. (I worked part time at library of the film department at the time, so I had access to countless film journals and search engines.) Simultaneously, while also embarking on a PhD project about the films of Jarmusch (which, I'm afraid,  I had to put indefinitely on hold a few years ago), I edited an anthology of interviews spanning Jarmusch's career, for the "Conversations with Filmmakers" series by the University Press of Mississippi ("Jim Jarmusch: Interviews, published in 2001).

Well, since then the whole deal - my occupation, the web, and the lack of studies of Jarmusch's work - has changed rather drastically, but I still feel - and welcome (when I find the time!) - the responsibility to keep things going, as I am still a fan of Jarmusch's work, and still appreciate the lasting value of a site like this. A site with the aim of offering a collection of useful or otherwise interesting material to do with the work of Jim Jarmusch, for anyone from the casually to the academically interested. Basically a fan page, and as such fundamentally unofficial, noncommercial and independent. Of course, these days there is no shortage of stuff about Jarmusch's films, but all the more reason then - not to collect it all, as before - but to bring forward the créme de la créme of Jarmusch-related material.

I'm aware that I would probably need copyright for much of what is published here. However, if you find something of yours on this site, be aware that I try to credit everybody as accurately as I can (and add links to whatever sites I've "borrowed" something from). Please don't hesitate to contact me: I'll be glad to make any changes you might wish for. I obviously won't be quite as glad if you demand I remove something that I don't own the copyright for, but I will certainly comply!

Please also be aware that this is essentially a non-profit web project. I've done it all for free, and I'm not expecting to get any money from the site (actually it's costing me: time, and money for web hosting, domain registering etc), and I don't want ads loitering the site. There's not even a "Donate" button anywhere. (If anybody feels grateful, feel free to simply drop me a line saying so :)

However, as is more or less common practice, I've added links, some of these "referred" links, to online retailers wherever the info is relevant, and also set up some affiliated storefronts for convenience's sake (see left), which would give me a small referral percentage, if anybody cares to use them. (Please care ;)

I am in charge of this site, but it lives and breathes through the help and contribution of a whole community of people. Please do keep the input coming! Report errors, make wishes. And, for instance, if anyone has written a paper discussing Jarmusch's films, or if you have an interesting piece of news (or trivia), or perhaps suggestions on articles or interviews, please don't hesitate to contact me. Also, feel free to bring forward any ideas on how I could improve the site, or on what more you would like it to offer. 


Stockholm, August 2008

The Jim Jarmusch Resource Page is created, compiled, edited, mastered, designed, maintained and updated by Ludvig Hertzberg; you can get in touch with me through "info [at] jim-jarmusch.net" (or use the link below).

THIS IS AN UNOFFICIAL WEB SITE. I have no official connection to Jim Jarmusch and cannot assist with any inquiries that should be directed to him, or to his production company. Seriously! In all other matters, feel free to contact me